Why do people from Yorkshire behave like this at uni?

From God’s Own Country to literally anywhere else

There is honestly no-one on this earth more proud to be where they’re from than someone from Yorkshire. I just have the slightest Yorkshire twang in my accent (ok so sometimes I say ‘me’ instead of ‘my’ and ‘reyt’ instead of ‘right’) but i’m going to hold on to it forever, it’s part of me.

Choosing to go to a uni outside of this Northern paradise may seem like a risk but there’s ways to survive and things you will inevitably do.

You’ll make sure everyone you meet knows you’re from Yorkshire

The barmaid in spoons who served your jagerbomb? She needs to know. The cashier from the ASDA up the road? Ayy let him know too. The arsey bus driver at half eight in the morning? He really won’t care, but tell him anyway.

I mean what’s not to love about Yorkshire? If Yorkshire competed as its own country in the London 2012 Olympics, we’d have come twelfth and beaten legit countries like the Netherlands and New Zealand. Yorkshire’s also seen the birth of some pretty cool people too: Patrick Stewart, The Chuckle Brothers, and even Dame Judi Dench! Meanwhile the Midlands can take credit for the likes of Richard Hammond, Liam Payne and Ozzy Osbourne, that’s something I guess?

Wow ok

You’ll miss Yorkshire water more than your family

Yeah ok, so moving away from your family can be tough, but at least you prepared yourself for that. Nobody ever tells you hard it is to be parted from good ol’ Yorkshire water, with it’s crisp taste and silky texture. Your southern flatmate might not understand why you care so much about water, but it’s just not the same anywhere else. If only someone could pull a reverse Jesus and turn wine into Yorkshire water then this crisis could be avoided.

Some people just don’t get it

You’ll realise that we are a nation divided

And no, I’m not talking about Brexit. I’m referring to the North-South divide and it’s real, it’s very real. You might have spent your whole life using the term ‘Breadcake’ but twenty minutes in a different part of the country and you soon realise that some people call it a ‘Barmcake’ or worse a ‘COB.’ Wherever you end up, just don’t forget your roots. You know that it’s ‘Breakfast, Dinner and Tea’ and don’t let any southerner tell you any different.

I mean call it what you want but it’s definately not a Cob

You’ll swear by Yorkshire being its own language

Breadcake debate aside, there’s probably a few other Yorkshire phrases that your southern mates won’t get. Let’s start with ‘reyt.’ It’s a classic, it’s iconic, a Yorkshire gem. Your fave Netflix show? It’s ‘reyt good.’ That half an hour wait for the bus? That was ‘reyt annoying.’  Didn’t do the reading for your seminar? ‘Be reyt.’ Some people might not get what it means, but if you know, you know. Another classic is ‘ey up’; a Yorkshire phrase often shrowded in mystery. It can mean anything from ‘hello’ to ‘how are you?’ and even ‘omg did you just see that!!’ It’s probably the most diverse phrase in the English language to be honest.

Reyt good night

You have to sing Arctic Monkeys songs 10x louder than everyone else

As soon as you hear the words ‘YOU USED TO GET IT IN YOUR FISHNETS’ or any other AM tune, you’ve gotta belt it out like there’s no going back. That’s because there is no going back. Miss out one word and there’s a possibility that you might be expelled from Yorkshire for good. Who cares that you can sing ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth word for word, so can everybody else. It’s probably best to revise the lyrics to ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ or ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ as well just to be on the safe side.


It’s a fact

You’ll learn that there is more to life than Yorkshire

Yeah Yorkshire’s the best, that was never a debate, but I mean the rest of the country is alright too I guess. Whether you move to Leicester or London, Bristol or Birmingham,  you’re bound to find something to love in this new territory. Maybe it won’t be the price of the pint or the alien accents, but there’ll be something. And anyway, even if you hate it, at least you’ll appreciate what you have back in good ol’ Yorkshire.

Yorkshire’s always gonna have a place in your heart.

Photo Credits: The Leadmill