Leicester named as a top UK city

Called it

Obviously we already knew that Leicester is a cracking city to live in, but now it’s official.
According to a “Good Growth For Cities” report put together by PwC and think tank Demos, Leicester is one of the top cities in the UK based on quality of life and economic performance.

We were unfortunately beaten by Belfast. It really would’ve been embarrassing if we’d have lost to Coventry, but thankfully we managed to beat it to the ninth spot.

We even trounced Nottingham which came in at a shoddy nineteenth in the rankings alongside Wakefield, Castleford and Middlesbrough.

Unfortunately we didn’t come anywhere near the top alongside Reading, Bracknell and Oxford but that’s not really a shock to anyone.

The biggest shocker in the findings is that London is ranked as one of the worst cities for quality of life and economic performance despite being Britain’s economic capital.

Ferdy Willans, a second year history and politics student said: “Unsurprisingly Reading smashed Leicester, but yeah, solid effort.”