The wonders of Leicester’s gift shop: A quick guide


If you’ve ever had a mosey around the university book shop in between lectures, there’s a chance you may have come across the fairly unique merchandise and memorabilia for sale.

If not, here’s just some of the items up for grabs, just in case you were looking for a truly special way to commemorate your time at uni with some state-of-the-art products that represent all things Leicester…


Behold this dazzling engraved crystal glass set. Perfect for your nan’s dining room cabinet and ready to be whipped out to jazz up any family occasion. How about that then.


“Elite without being elitist”, huh? I don’t know about you but this bone china beauty will scream “obnoxious housemate” every time you make a cuppa.


Of course, what University of Leicester gift shop would be complete without capitalizing on the discovery of Richard III’s remains?

It’s not like we ever mention it. And of course, you’d look dead trendy proudly pinning this snazzy number onto your UoL hoodie.


The University of Leicester shot glass. An absolute trophy and the envy of every pre-drinks.


And finally – Nothing like an interior shot of our beloved library on the front of a postcard to make sure you look back on your higher education days through teary eyes.

Post it to your friends and family to let them know where you spent your time crying on campus. Literally picture perfect.