Leeds in the top 20 kindest cities in the UK


Leeds has been ranked as one of the kindest cities in the UK.

The poll conducted by Co-op Food Group of 4000 adults in 19 cities ranked Leeds as 15th.

It was ranked based on the number of ‘good deeds’ done by each citizen.

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These including things such as rushing to the aid of someone in need, giving up a seat on public transport, taking in parcels for neighbours and handing back something that had been dropped.

18-24 year olds were also named those who spent most time helping others in the community and were more likely to do tasks such as going shopping for someone in need.

Top of the list was Bristol, followed by Belfast and Aberdeen.

The full ranking:

1 Bristol
2 Belfast
3 Aberdeen
4 Southampton
5 Cardiff
6 Bradford
7 Oxford
8 Manchester
9 Coventry
10 Norwich
11 Sheffield
12 Nottingham
13 York
14 Edinburgh
15 Leeds
16 Birmingham
17 Liverpool
18 Glasgow
19 London