‘It’s sickening really’: A Lancaster Scout building has been vandalised

An appeal has been made for information on the graffiti

On Wednesday 26th October, between the hours of 11am and 5:30pm, a Scout building on the Giant Axe field was vandalised.

A post on Facebook by Simon Hester states: “It’s sickening really as we will now have to spend money to have it removed. Money we would rather spend on the youth who use our Scout Group.

“If anyone might know who did this please PM me or let the police know.”

The post also included a photo of the graffiti, as seen below.

Via Simon Hester on Facebook

Simon Hester said: “It has been reported to the police officially via their website and I emailed the local PCSO.”

Anyone with information on the vandalism can contact 101 with the log number LANCSPE-22792.

Featured image credit to Simon Hester.

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