Lancaster student wins award at ‘baking industry Oscars’

Business student, James Eid, was rewarded for his sustainable food company

Lancaster University student was recently awarded for his sustainable food distribution company at baking “Oscars”, reports Luton Today.

Final year Business student, James Eid, established his company, Earth & Wheat, to “reduce food waste and help save the planet”.

James’ business runs by redistributing the imperfect food generated by family-run business, Signature Flatbreads.

He acknowledged the “eye-watering” amount of food-waste, and therefore wanted to regenerate this “wonky” food. His business works by sending a box full of rejected food and surplus baked goods to subscribers of

Whilst the box does not include sliced bread, it instead comes filled with products such as “pancakes, crumpets, tortilla wraps, flatbreads – and even naan bread”. The box subscriptions are priced at £5.99 for the recently launched “essentials box”, and customers have the luxury of electing how often they would like to receive their boxes.

Earth & Wheat was recognised at an event held in the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, which “recognises excellence in baking”.

The event was hosted by comedian and actress, Sally Phillips, and James was presented this “prestigious” award at the event on the 20th of October.

James told Luton Today: “It’s an honour and a privilege to accept this award. We’ve rescued 500 tonnes of ‘wonky’ and surplus food from going to waste. This award does not go to me, or Earth & Wheat, it goes to our partners and our customer subscribers. We need to reduce food waste across the board whether it is bakery or vegetables and do our bit to help save the planet for future generations.”

This statement was furthered by editor of The British Baker, Amy North, who said: “The Baking Industry Awards judges were blown away by the progress Earth & Wheat has made in such a short time, ably led by James Eid. The level of engagement with suppliers and customers is commendable.”

Featured image credit: @earthandwheat on Instagram

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