Lancaster novelist publishes paranormal fantasy just in time for Halloween

A.S. Chambers uses Lancaster landmarks for inspiration throughout the story

Well-known Lancaster novelist, A.S. Chambers will be publishing a new “locally set urban fantasy novel”, reports the Lancaster Guardian.

The novel, titled “Sam Spallucci: Fury of the Fallen”, is set to launch just before Halloween, on October 29th at First Age Comics in Lancaster.

Chambers’ novel has a paranormal plot, following an investigator who will be faced with multiple mysterious plots, including a ghost moulded on those followed in Lancaster Castle’s paranormal tours.

The climax of the book even takes place atop Lancaster’s renowned Town Hall.

Known as “Lancaster’s master of the macabre”, Chambers’ works focus on the presence of celestial life forms. His new novel is a continuation of a story with the same protagonist from 2016, titled, “Sam Spallucci: The Case of the Belligerent Bard”.

Fans of Chambers’ work can join a fan club to receive exclusive content from the novelist. There are three types of membership available: Seraph, Vampire, and Poltergeist.

Chambers told the Lancaster Guardian: “To put it simply, it’s the ideal place for a modern fantasy series. With its rich history and vibrant community, Lancaster is the ideal setting for Sam as he encounters all the creatures that lurk in the shadows.”

More information on Chambers can be found here.

Featured image credit: @aschambersuk on Instagram.

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