Take this quiz to find out which Lancs college bar you are most suited to

Are you more of a Trev or a Barker House Farm?

Have you ever been on a campus bar crawl and wondered if your vibes fit more to Grizedale Bar or The Northern Oak? Whilst some of the bars may not be your first port of call on a night out, they all have their individual charms, so even if your personality and interests are particularly niche, you’re bound to relate to one bar in particular.

Ultimately, you might find that the bar you gravitate to the most is actually your perfect match, but you’ll never be completely sure until you complete our college bar quiz.  If you have a tonne of wilting houseplants and you love vegan food, you might be a perfect fit for Pendle Brew. If you’re already making preparations for the World Cup, you’re definitely The Mill.

Whether this is something you’ve always found yourself wondering about, or you’ve never thought about it at all, this is the perfect quiz to get the most pressing answers for any Lancs student.


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