How to romanticise the start of term at Lancaster

Fairy lights and gel pens are the future x

The start of term is fast approaching, and for many people, essays, deadlines and lectures loom on the horizon. It’s a scary prospect, but the start of term can also be really exciting. If you’ve got the right set-up and the right mindset, it’s very easy to get enthusiastic about the upcoming year. Here are all of the ways that you can romanticise the start of Michaelmas term and get excited about the new year.

Make your study space more aesthetic

If you’re going to enjoy learning and studying this year, you’ve got to be in a space that you enjoy. What’s a better way to do that than find some ways to make your study space enjoyable? Find some plants or some fairy lights (Wilko in town is always a safe bet for these). If your accommodation allows it, some candles are always lovely as well, and can make your space much nicer to be in when you’re working.

Study somewhere different

If you’re starting to get disillusioned and bored with being stuck in your bedroom all day, it’s nice to go for a walk, stretch your legs and work in a different spot for a while. The library is a good shout if you need to focus, but if you’re in town, there’s a multitude of cafes to choose from. Atkinsons’ at the Castle has designated study areas, along with amazing hot chocolates and teas, perfect for the incoming autumn weather!

Take notes on paper

Nothing feels quite the same as the scratch of a pen on paper. Laptops and iPads may be easier and quicker for lectures and seminars, but when you’re at home, it’s a lot more satisfying to make notes on paper, especially as you can make your notes look pretty much more easily. Colourful pens and highlighters are a must-have, even the cheap ones from the supermarket, and can make taking notes really fun.

Create the perfect playlist

There are a million playlists on Spotify, and a billion more on YouTube. You could have white noise, lo-fi, or someone else’s aesthetic study playlist designed to create a certain vibe whilst you tap away at the keys. But nothing will ever come close to your own taste in music: you know best how you study and what you need in order to study well, and you should appreciate this. Also, creating playlists is just fun.

Get better at cooking

Nutrition is important, don’t get me wrong, but cooking new recipes is the best part of eating. It makes food shopping more fun, as you can get excited about the recipes that you’ve selected, and if you’re cooking with or for other people, it adds an extra level of enjoyment. Baking can be a stress reliever as well, particularly in that big deadline season, and you get tasty treats out of it.

Find new places to explore in Lancs

There’s so much to do in Lancaster that lots of people don’t know about. The museum in Market Square is free, you can walk a really long way along the canal, and of course, you can get the buses to Morecambe and to Heysham. It’s a lovely way to while away some free time and make the most of your weekends.

Take time for yourself

You have a degree to do and a social life to maintain, that’s true, but it’s important to make sure you have time to yourself and relax. Even if it’s watching Gilmore Girls with a mug of tea in the evening, you sometimes just need some downtime and self-care, and if that so happens to be very autumnal and aesthetic so be it!

Have a good sleep pattern

Go to bed at a decent time! Wake up at a normal time! Burning the candle at both ends is OK, but it doesn’t make you work at your best.

Find time to be social

It’s so important to make time to spend with your friends, and even just grabbing a coffee or studying with friends can be really beneficial and make the start of term more fun than you might think. It doesn’t need to be anything more than a trip to Costa or the library.

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