Tell us your Lancs study habits and we’ll tell you which offer to take on The Chase

Should you take a step closer to the Chaser or a step closer to home?

There are two things that all students have in common: they like to have fun and they are forever complaining about not having any money. The majority of Lancaster students probably spend their entire student loan in less than three weeks on Greggs sausage rolls and VKs in Sugar.

What’s a better way to increase your bank balance and have fun than by competing on The Chase? Who knows, if you beat the Chaser, you might be able to survive the rest of this term!

Those who complete all the required reading before a seminar are more than capable of taking the higher offer and outrunning the Chaser. Others don’t really stand a chance at winning any money on the show.

Take our quiz to find out which offer you should take on The Chase based on your Lancaster study habits.


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