Lancaster Friends of Palestine society to hold demonstration on Wednesday

The demonstration aims to put pressure on local councillors to vote in solidarity with Palestine

This Wednesday, Lancaster University’s Friends of Palestine society is holding a demonstration to urge local councillors to vote in favour of motions that will create solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.

The demonstration will take place in Morecambe Town Hall at five pm on Wednesday June 23rd.

Image via @lancsfop on Instagram

The protest is timed alongside a vote which Lancaster City Councillors will make on three motions.

Firstly, the council expresses its support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Secondly, the council condemns Isreal’s breaches of international law and the killing of Palestinian civilians.

Thirdly, the council writes to the Lancashire County Pension Fund and the Local Pensions Partnership, urging that they adopt policies requiring them to divest from all companies active in illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine.

Friends of Palestine described this demonstration as their “most important call to action yet” on their Facebook page.

The society is calling on “Lancaster students, families and other friends of Palestine.”

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