Mamma Mia, Tropicana, Coachella: Extrav themes for 2021 revealed

This year Extravs are Thursday July 1st and Friday July 2nd

The Extrav 2021 themes for each college have now been released on social media.

Extrav is a big event at the end of the academic year where each college hosts a themed party.

This year Extravs are Thursday July 1st and Friday July 2nd.

Bowland – Wild West

Facebook: Bowland College

This year Bowland’s Extrav theme is: “Wild West of Bowland 2021”. In their Facebook video they revealed the theme through green screen clips with Wild West backgrounds. So get your cowboy hats and boots at the ready. Bowland’s Extrav will take place Friday July 2nd.

County – Big Birthday Extravaganza

Instagram: @countycollege

County has revealed that this year their Extrav theme is: “Big Birthday Extravaganza”. In their Instagram post, they said: “It’s been a long wait but we want to invite you to our Big Birthday Extravaganza! Taking place Thursday 1st July on Lancaster Square this promises to be a celebration to make up for lost time!

“We’re talking party games, inflatables and everything else that made a great childhood party! Come dressed as your favourite superhero or cartoon character and get involved with the fun! Tickets go on sale soon, make sure to keep an eye out for more information.”

Furness – Tropicana

Facebook: Furness College

The Furness Extrav theme for this year is “Carnival Tropicana”, taking place Thursday July 1st. In a very exotic and colourful video on Furness College’s Facebook, it was revealed that this year Furness is going for a tropical theme. Think parrots, palm trees and hibiscus flowers.

Fylde – Orange is the new black

Instagram: @fyldecollege

Get an orange jumpsuit ready for Fylde’s “Orange is the new black” Extrav theme based on the popular Netflix show, taking place Friday July 2nd. In a Fylde college Instagram post, they said: “After a whole year of being locked up, it’s time to break out!”

Grizedale – Coachella

This year Grizedale’s Extrav is “Grizechella”, blending Grizedale with the California festival Coachella. Grizedale’s Facebook post revealed that “Grizechella” will be taking place Thursday July 1st. Hopefully it will bring the Californian weather with it.

Pendle – Enchanted Forest

Facebook: Pendle College

This year Pendle is hosting “EnchantStrav”, taking place Friday July 2nd. In their Facebook post they announced: “Travel with us deep into the Pendle forest for a magical experience.”

Lonsdale – Mamma Mia

Lonsdale is here to transport us to Greece with their Mamma Mia themed Extrav: “Abbastrav”. Get your “Donna and the Dynamos” costumes ready for Friday July 2nd. In their Facebook post they revealed the theme through the iconic clips of the film.

Cartmel – The year we missed

Facebook: Cartmel College

Cartmel’s Extrav theme this year is “The year we missed” in which you come dressed as “your favourite time of the year”. In their Facebook video, they said: “We asked you what you missed most because of Covid… Seems like you couldn’t decide. Neither could we. So why not do the whole year? Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas. More? Keep your eyes peeled.”

Tickets will be on sale soon. Follow your college on social media to keep up to date with more Extrav information.

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