You can’t call yourself a Lancs Uni student unless you’ve done all these 14 things

14/14? You can graduate in peace

There is something special about going to uni in Lancaster; the vibes from which are unmatched anywhere you go. For instance, it is completely normal to get absolutely wasted from Lidl’s own brand vodka at a lively pres, to have one too many 2-4-1 cocktails at Grizedale Bar and to live with an unspoken understanding that the night will end in a packed Sultans waiting for your curly fries.

Lancaster students have at some point done at least some of these things in Lancaster that define your place as a Lancs student. Make sure you complete this list of universal truths before you graduate. Already got 14/14? Congrats, you can graduate in peace.

Got a picture with the ducks

The ducks are a staple piece of the Lancs Uni experience. Not only because they follow you around and try to steal your food, but also – where else would you find ducks taking a leisurely stroll in the middle of campus?

Missed a Sugarbus

We’ve all been too busy looking after our mate who has had too many VKs and ended up missing the Sugarbus back to campus. Now what? Now is the time to scrounge around and pray to God that you have enough change for a taxi back.

Been to Williamson Park

We understand that it’s a bit far from campus but we promise it’s worth it. Seeing the hill up to Ashton Memorial covered in snow was definitely worth the trek. We can’t wait for summer when everyone will just be chilling and sunbathing on the grass with their pals (hopefully).

Waking up with a Sugar stamp with no recollection of the night before

Oh, Sugar. How we miss dedicating our Wednesday and Friday nights to you. Getting the stamp from Sugar just goes to show that you were there and you had such a good night dancing to all the cheesy tunes that plays at Sugar, even if you can’t remember doing so.

Walked along the canal

One of the most underrated places in Lancaster. Without a doubt, every time you go along the canal you are bound to see a collection of swans which adds a drop of elegance to your well-rounded Lancs student.

Been to Morecambe (and regretted it)

You probably set out with a vision to spend the day with your mates by the beach. Heavenly, you thought. But once you’ve walked along the promenade then what? It is literally a ghost town… much like campus is right now.

Become a Sultans super fan

Getting a Sultans is one of the highlights of being a Lancs Uni student, from being the ‘go-to’ place after Sugar to getting free poppadoms and a bottle of water, from being called “my friend” to getting featured on their Snapchat story. If you haven’t been to Sultans, you’ve been doing Lancs Uni wrong.

You also get elite points for becoming a super fan. It’s pretty easy, just go after every night out and suddenly you’ll find that you cannot live without Sultans.

Got on the 100 instead of the 1/1A

We don’t need to go on the scenic route to uni, we just need to nip to the library and finish this piece of coursework. Accidentally going on the 100 to Sugar is a rookie error. You’ll be completely sobered up by the time you join the Sugar queue.

Been to the castle

If you are yet to get a photo outside the castle gates, are you even a Lancs student?

Chanting your college chants during Freshers’ Week

You’ll live with fond memories of screaming the Grizedale chant at the Pendle flat next to you. Or screaming the county chant on the Sugarbus. If you haven’t, oh honey there’s a storm coming.

Done your weekly shop at Aldi

Aldi comes hand in hand with being a Lancs student. With every visit, you’ll marvel at their aisles. Your cupboards are full of Aldi’s reusable bags, and you’re open to getting more. When it comes to Aldi, your love is unparalleled.

Walked on the Woodland Trail

Yes, a walk down the woodland trail is accompanied by the rumble of the M6 – but isn’t it lovely? It’s the go-to for a lot of Lancs student’s daily walk, and therefore a must-have-done on our list.


Situated in the middle of Alex Square, Greggs is hard to miss. Many people go to campus only because they need their daily Greggs fix, not to go to the library or the Learning Zone to catch up with work. Lancs students are nothing if not dedicated.

Had a malfunctioning student house

Those who have said that they have never had any issues with their house are lying. Does anyone else’s hot water decide not to work at the most random of times? What about your radiator, does that actually work? Anyone have fire alarms going off even though no one is cooking anything? Does your WiFi crash on the daily?

So there you have it, a checklist if you will of all the things you need to do in Lancaster before you can call yourself a Lancs Uni student.

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