Meet the first lot of sexy singletons in Heat One of Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2021

The competition begins: Vote now

Round up, round up. You nominated who thought deserves the crown of Lancaster’s hottest single 2021, and the time has come to present to you the first round of nominees. Imagine the voiceover of Iain Sterling narrating Love Island: We have eight sexy singles ready to enter the villa. But instead of Instagram models and a luxury villa in Spain, we have Lancaster students and a Google Form to vote for who you think is the hottest single.

Over the next few weeks, there will be four rounds of singles ready to introduce themselves and fight for the prestigious title of Lancaster’s hottest single. Students will vote for a favourite each week, then there will be a semi-final, final, and then the winner will be crowned.

Gabija Paulikaite

Gabija is an international law student in her final year of uni. The reasons for her nomination were that she has the best fashion on campus (maybe the best compliment a uni student could receive), she’s a heartbreaker and is hella cute.

In response to this, Gabija told us that she mostly agrees with the reasons for her nomination, yet she doesn’t believe to be a heartbreaker. Maybe she is oblivious to her effect on others and has been breaking hearts since she set foot on campus. Gabija definitely looks like a fashionista – everyone loves a bit of outfit coordination.

Max Field

Max is currently a first year studying German and computing. Did someone say fresh meat? The reasons for his nomination were that he has an amazing jawline, is photogenic as hell and is genuinely really nice.

He told us that if he wins: “I can never truly be Lancaster’s hottest man when Sal from Sultans is still breaking hearts.” What a humble guy.

Daniela Quevedo

First year student Daniela is studying politics, philosophy and economics at Lancaster Uni. The reasons for her nomination were that she is beautiful; her character makes her unique and fun.

In response to these reasons for her nomination, she said: “I’ve got nothing to comment on the first reason, beauty is subjective, but I’m flattered. However, for the second and third reason, I’m definitely a really extroverted person. I tend to leave my shyness at home, and I try to make every moment enjoyable.”

Giles Bridge

Up next, we have another first year. Giles is an architecture student who was nominated because he is fit, respectful, understanding and has big king energy.

Giles told us that he believes these reasons really encompass him as a person, in which he added: “Go wild cats!” Who doesn’t love a High School Musical marathon?

Jean McLaren

Jean is a first year sport and exercise science student. She was nominated because she is beautiful outside but has the kindest heart, is always there if you’re upset and has the sickest outfit choices and always has matching shoes. It looks like we have another fashionista within our mist.

Jean told us: “The reasons are quite overindulgent; I do have some sick outfits, though, I can’t lie.”

Archie Haywood

Archie is a second year economics and politics student. The reasons for his nomination were that he has God tier chat, has a strong beard game, is sporty and fun, and is a wine expert.

Arche told us: “I guess the sporty part comes from being a social sec in the hockey club. Also, I drink an unhealthy amount of wine.” Who doesn’t love a wine connoisseur?

Claudia King

Claudia is another first year. She’s studying marketing and psychology. The reasons for her nomination were that she has a cute ginger fringe she cut and dyed herself, is always looking shiny and polished, and Euphoria inspires her makeup.

She said that her makeup isn’t actually as good as EuphoriaBut not everyone can have makeup like Zendaya; she is definitely talented, nonetheless.

So there you go, the first round of Lancaster’s hottest single 2021! Get voting for who you think should progress to the semi-final. As for you contestants, “may the odds be ever in your favour”.

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