Lancaster warehouse party busted with over 50 attendees

Police broke up a party held on St. George’s Quay

Lancaster police were forced to break up a party of over 50 people this weekend at a warehouse on St. George’s Quay.

An article published by LancsLive earlier today states that following reports of a “large party” being held in a warehouse on St. George’s Quay, the police attended the scene and found an event being attended by “well over 50 people”, in a blatant breach of Covid safety rules which are in place to stop the spread of the virus for the safety of the nation.

According to LancsLive, officers handed out 38 tickets to the attendees of this event on account of breaching Covid restrictions, and Lancashire Police have disclosed that they issued hundreds of fines just at the weekend to Covid rule-breakers.

Also sourced from LancsLive is news of nearly 500 incidents of rule breaches being reported across the country from early Friday morning to early Monday, police have apparently dolled out a total of 277 tickets, showing a large increase of fines from the weekend before.

Additionally, Ch Supt Sam Mackenzie, from Lancashire police, told LancsLive that: “Disappointingly we have seen a rise this weekend in the number of tickets issued, so once again would like to remind people that we are in the middle of a pandemic and that the rules and regulations apply to everybody to keep us all safe.”

Following an update in penalty charges from the weekend before, officers now have the right to issue fines of £800 to anyone attending a party of over 15 people, with organisers still facing a £10,000 penalty.

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