Lancaster University announces penalties for students breaching lockdown rules

With rising incidents of breaches, the university has stated the exact repercussions ranging between fines and exclusion

On the 21st January 2021 all Lancaster University students received an email highlighting three different cases of breaching lockdown that happened on campus. Due to this, Academic Registrar Alison Mullan has explained the penalties for taking part in the illegal gatherings.

The announcement begins with students being commended for acting “responsibly and with concern for each other”, before moving to assure these students that dealing with breaches of lockdown are a “matter of priority”.

This is coupled with the fact of reports of an increase of police on campus, that has been addressed in this announcement. It is said the police are “keen to assist the university in monitoring compliance” with the government’s restrictions in order to keep all of us safe.

The police have the ability to give out fines up to £10,000 for gatherings of 30 or more people, and with an increased presence on campus it is more likely that people throwing these parties are to get caught and be given the penalties.

On top of the police fine, the university have outwardly stated that minor breaches can expect fines of £300, while more serious offences “including, but not limited to, large gatherings” can anticipate the possibility of permanent exclusion from the university.

This is the range of penalties for offences, but anything in between a small meet up and to a larger gathering can also expect either of these, or something in between the two.

The announcement is wrapped up once again by acknowledging that is a “small minority of students”, however these actions are very serious and have the possibility of putting others at risk.

Finally, the university show there gratefulness for the “responsible and supportive behaviour” from many of the students.

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