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Lancaster is set to move into highest tier of lockdown restrictions today in shock turnaround

After being placed in Tier Two, we’re now set to go into Tier Three – here’s what that means

It has today been announced that many parts of Lancashire are set to be placed under a Tier Three lockdown; Lancaster is one of the areas with stricter restrictions being imposed.

This comes the day after Lancs was automatically placed into Tier Two, as a result of the area already being in a local lockdown.

Leader of Lancashire County Council, Geoff Driver, believed that the move from Tier Two – “high alert” – to Tier Three = “very high” – was inevitable, given the increasing rates of infection across all of Lancashire. It is believed that Lancashire was only placed in Tier Two as the result of a “last minute reprieve” from the government. LancsLive reports that Lancashire secured £42million out of the £58.2m it was looking to receive in financial support for businesses, the care sector and schools.

However, in a shock turnaround this morning, it was explained that many parts of Lancashire are set to be moved into the highest level of local lockdown restrictions.

But what do these actually mean for people living in Lancs?

Pubs, clubs and restaurants

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The 10pm curfew on the hospitality sector is in force, and pubs and bars will have to close.

Only restaurants and pubs that can function as restaurants will be permitted to continue to operate under a Tier Three lockdown. Employees in businesses that will be forced to close as a result of the new restrictions are believed qualify for the government’s replacement to the furlough scheme.

Can I meet up with friends and family?

In Tier Two, people in Lancs were not allowed to mix inside with any other household. However, we were allowed to meet in an outdoor space such as a garden, as long as this did not breach the “Rule of Six” – under Tier Three, this will have to stop. There is to be no mixing between households in any private indoor or outdoor setting. People can meet up in areas such as parks, as long as the “Rule of Six” and social distancing measures are adhered to.

Travelling to and from a Tier Three area is being heavily advised against, and overnight stays in any part of a Tier Three area are to be avoided – unless you live in the affected area.

What about gyms?

Club members now must have a gym membership just to pass through the entrance.

It was announced on Tuesday, with the unveiling of the new tiered system, that in a Tier Three zone then all areas where people may congregate, such as pubs, casinos, hairdressers, and beauty salons may need to close; however, this is apparently down to local politicians to decide. This also applies to gyms and leisure centres in the affected areas.

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