Lancaster University students expected to wear masks at all times

‘Lancaster University outlines the key social distancing rules and penalties for breaking said rules’

Lancaster University is continuing their teaching this year despite the world still fighting against the ongoing pandemic. Of course, the situation has called for teaching methods that are less conventional, mainly to abide by the recent government regulations and legal as a result of COVID-19.

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While teaching has been shifted online, to provide more safety for the students, staff and public, the chair of the board and discipline and the academic registrar have released a message around the significance of adhering to national and local guidelines. 

In the letter (released on to the student portal), Lancaster University outlines the key social distancing rules, penalties for breaking said rules and further also puts great stress on the use of face masks to provide added safety, amidst the pandemic. 

It is expressed in the letter with an urgency that students who can wear masks are expected to wear masks at all times in the following public spaces: The library, shops and supermarkets on campus, public transport, the underpass; and inside bars, restaurants and cafés.

Further information on face coverings specifically can be found on the student portal.

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