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Teabags and crockery: Here’s what’s inside Lancaster University’s self-isolation pack

Lancs providing value for money? Surprisingly… yes

This year is a strange one. Having to start your university either as a returning student or as a fresher is strange too. And whilst the university is trying its best to accommodate students, one effort on their end is for students who are coming to the university but need to self-isolate. For them, the university has arranged the “self-isolation pack,” priced at £73.33. 

Now, hear us out: although it sounds pricey, once you add everything up we’re actually being provided with some reasonable value for money.

The pack has all the essentials that the students could need to help them settle into their accommodation. Since food/essential deliveries can’t be guaranteed by other suppliers, the university has come through with this service.

So, allow The Tab Lancaster to guide you through the university’s self-isolation box, something that’ll give you much better value for money than their self-isolation meal delivery service!

“Ultimate Kitchen Pack”

Cutlery Set

Crockery Kit – Knife, Fork, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Dinner Plate, Side Plate, Cereal bowl, Mug and Glass Tumbler

Utensil Kit – Corkscrew, Slotted Serving Spoon, Slotted Turner, Tin Opener, Wooden Spoon, Veg Peeler and Kitchen Scissors

Cooking Kit – 18cm Non Stick saucepan with glass lid; 20cm Non Stick saucepan with glass lid; 24cm Non-stick frying pan. Chopping board, Kitchen knife, Utility knife and Baking Sheet

Alright, these items won’t make you Gordon Ramsay, but they will mean you’ve got all the essentials there for your flatmates to inevitably steal as the year goes on. Fair play, Lancs. Fair play.

“Superior Bedding Pack”

Bedding Set

Bedding set – Hollowfibre Duvet and a pillow

Linen set – sheet, Duvet cover and pillowcase

Alright, we aren’t sure what this set is “superior” in comparison to, however it’s certainly giving you the essentials. You can always treat yourself and order a second pillow online, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Everything else

Groceries provided in the pack

Semi Skimmed Milk

Tea Bags

Easy Cook Rice

Chopped Tomatoes


Baked Beans

Bath Tissue

Still Water

Chocolate Digestives

Orange Juice

Rice Krispies

Egg Noodles

Tuna Chunks


Bolognese Pasta Sauce

Roasted Vegetable Couscous

Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce

Table Salt

(side note: some of the items aren’t present in the picture) 

The pack can only be purchased as a whole and the students are only charged for it after they have come back to campus. And while it isn’t compulsory for any student to buy, it remains a good effort towards the students who would be self-isolating, making their settling in a little easier and comfortable. 

As mentioned before, the price may seem high at first, but The Tab Lancaster compared the prices of grocery from Asda and the Bedding and kitchen kit prices from Wilkos and turns out all of this would cost a whopping £113.86 students, and so the self-isolation pack would help them in saving £40. Now who doesn’t appreciate saving some money as a student? 

That £40 you’ve saved would allow you to have two day’s of prepared food from the university’s meal service, and you’d have a little bit of money leftover. What a treat.

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