Lancaster University outlines ‘blended learning’ measures for 2020/21

The Vice-Chancellor highlighted measures in place for students’ return

Lancaster University has confirmed its plans to reopen campus as usual later on this year, in time for the 2020/21 academic year to commence.

Vice-Chancellor Andy Schofield explained that the university will be reopening the campus for academic life to resume, and that university management will welcome students back in Autumn – the normal time for students to return to Lancaster after the summer vacation period.

He also explained that any measures taken will be reviewed and revised (if necessary) each term, so the precautions taken in Michaelmas Term might not be in place for Lent Term, theoretically. This differs from universities like Cambridge, which has confirmed online lectures for the entirety of the next academic year.

Welcome news for students is that Lancaster is planning on delivering “small group teaching” via in-person sessions; meaning that seminars, tutorials, and lab teaching will most likely be taking place physically next year – though these groups will much likely be smaller than in previous years.

It appears as though lectures are set to be delivered online during Michaelmas Term, and “live workshops” are going to take place; presumably in the same way they have been ran over the digital Summer Term.

In terms of students living in campus accommodation next year, the university’s accommodation team will be in touch to give more details – as they will be if you’re an overseas student.

The sports centre extension has doubled capacity for indoor sports (image: SportLancaster Twitter)

The university has also confirmed the completion of the new sports hall (that was planned to be completed in Spring, until the pandemic hit) – the Vice-Chancellor also expressed that as soon as government guidelines permit “sport, fitness classes and activities” then they will resume on campus.

Lancaster is also expecting all food and drink outlets to be open as usual in Michaelmas Term, meaning student favourites like Sultans, GoBurrito, and campus’ college bars will most likely be back open to welcome students back to university in Autumn.

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