These are all the things you don’t need to bring to Lancs uni in October

You really do not need as much as you think

As third term starts to draw to its unconventional end, as A-level students wait for their results, and as unis start announcing measures for the new academic year, it’s time to start looking ahead.

From pens to oven gloves to cocktail making kits, we thought it was worth giving you an insight into what we have learnt is not worth lugging all the way to Lancs next year.


You’ll get like eighty shitty ones in the fresher’s fair. Eighty shitty pens is the same as ten good ones. No one needs ten pens.

Packs of cards

If every single person in your flat brings a pack of cards, they will definitely end up strewn all over the floor and sticky with the contents of a kings cup.


Unless you drunkenly take a dip in lake carter at 3am (not recommended) you’re not gonna be going swimming.

Your car

It might seem like a good idea to bring a car, but seeing the parking permit money leave your student loan will make you regret not just catching the bus like the rest of us.

Oven gloves

No flat needs eight pairs of oven gloves, I promise you. Just hope one of your flatmates brings some.

Cocktail making kits

This isn’t a thing that uni students do, even though Tesco thinks it is. Value vodka and some knock of diet coke is the only thing you’re realistically going to be drinking.

Walking boots

You think that you’ll be going on beautiful country walks through Lancaster, but as soon as you realise town is an hour walk away from campus, and that you’re hungover most of the time, you’ll soon come to terms with the fact you’re not really the innate rambler you thought you were.

Cutlery is communal

Don’t bring anything you don’t want to share with people, or at least hide it in your room because it will get definitely ‘borrowed’ (stolen).

A planner

C’mon, you wont be planning anything other than how to make sure your hangovers don’t overflow to the next night out (which can be difficult to be fair.)

Basically anything of value or sentiment

Don’t sacrifice your great grandma’s locket to uni halls, that is where things go to die.


You’re not going on Bake Off, calm down.

More than two notebooks

In first year, you barely need paper.

Shot glasses

This is uni, you have to trust that shot glasses will just appear when you need them.

A fancy set of gin glasses

They will meet their demise in fresher’s week.


You’ll soon realise old trainers are the better option for the manky sugar floor.

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Shower gel

I’m not encouraging not showering, but you know, if you’re feeling extra stingy, you could just steal your housemates and pretend you have no idea why their imperial leather just keeps vanishing. Not necessarily something i would strongly suggest, but a technique to lighten the load nonetheless.


You’ll forget about your Pinterest board bedroom ideas as soon as you move in. Aesthetics are gonna be the least of your worries when you’ve got a mountain of coursework to do. You can just tell everyone it’s because you’re following fire safety precautions, and not just cos you’re boring now.

Fairy Lights

While they are aesthetic, they are not a necessity.

Your leavers hoodie from 2016

Please just leave your youth to die peacefully, stop holding on to year 11. Accept it, you’re old now.

Any plant which requires watering

Trust me, your room will just turn into a graveyard. Between lectures, socials and hangovers, you will definitely not remember to water it. Just don’t bother.

A speaker

Someone else will have one, and it will get broken. Don’t sacrifice your fancy speaker to the sesh.


If you have some life long feud with someone from home, don’t burden your housemates with the details. They don’t know who Jenny is and therefore, do not care that she stole your PE kit in year eight.

Any clothes you haven’t worn in the last two years

You’re never gonna need them for a costume party, stop convincing yourself that you will.

All your books

A kindle will do, welcome to the 21st century. Books just take up too much room which you definitely don’t have.

A perfectionist attitude

Just don’t walk into uni expecting every grade to be a 1st. You’ll feel defeated at the ‘first‘ hurdle. Work hard and have fun, and don’t be tough on yourself if you aren’t top of your class like you used to be.

Hopefully, this list will help save you some time when it comes to packing up for the start of first term in October.

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