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I celebrated every weird national holiday for a week and now I’m a changed woman

Finding things to celebrate in the bleak months of the year

In these depressing February times, the dark nights and deadlines really make it feel like there is not much to celebrate.

In the final week of the month however, I decided to combat these January blues by adding some festivities into my life. I started to celebrate some of my favourite most random and wacky national holidays all in one week.

National Wetherspoons Day

Despite not wanting to get too caught up in technicalities, this was not what should have happened. But as my eyes read ‘national weatherpersons day’ my heart read ‘national Wetherspoons day’ so I accidentally celebrated that instead, oops.

I officially declare the 27th of January national spoons day purely because I can’t read. Also, I think it deserves some more concrete national student recognition. This was a 10/10 holiday, although we basically all celebrate it most weeks anyway.

National Duck Day

I mean, everyone likes ducks, but it is well known that in Lancaster, we LOVE THEM. I feel like actively celebrating their existence on campus could have been somewhat irritating, so to fully respect their distance I just admired them from afar. I didn’t think that cake and party poppers would be their style of party, so I just spent the day reflecting on how cute their lil waddles are.

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Europe day

Randomly and for absolutely no discernible reason at all whatsoever, my celebration of ‘Europe’ day happened to be on the 31st of January. Also, for some unplanned and disconnected reason, my celebration was accompanied by shouts of ‘you wish’ and ‘you should stop trying to be so edgy and political, you’re not cool or relevant.’

Although I wasn’t expecting such a passionate engagement with an open celebration of my home continent, I was happy for most of the day, until I felt a strange inexplicable sense of dejectedness at the end.

National Dog Day

I am extremely appreciative of dogs on every day of the year, but I do think some people need reminding sometimes of how precious they are. Unfortunately, my celebration was limited to looking back over pictures of dogs on my camera roll, as the likelihood of one wandering into the library while I’m pretending to study is quite low. Although I did make sure to smile extra hard at any lil munchkin that walked past me, just to remind them of how appreciated they are.

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National Tie Your Own Shoe Day

This one coincided with Jeeves (my butler) being unavailable, so it made sense to lower myself (both literally and metaphorically) in trying to tie my own shoe laces for the first time. As my hands moved away from the perfect butterfly knot I had just created, I was filled with a deeply humbling sense of connection to my ancestors.

I sat back on my throne, and looked up at my gold-plated ornate ceiling, excited by the prospect of being, in some ways, ‘normal’ and ‘poor.’ I really do urge you all try this one day, but only when you’re ready.