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Quizmas day six: Which part of the Christmas dinner are you?

Bagsy being the pigs in blanket

Ah it’s that time of year again. You’re preparing to squeeze yourself into your Christmas Ball outfit but there’s hurdles of Christmas meals and festivities in your way. December is the month of stuffing your face with turkey, nut roast or roast beef, whatever floats your boat, wearing stretchy clothing and truly living your life. Look me in the eye and even try to tell me you disagree.

Christmas dinners are beautiful, but truth be told, God did not make everything in this world equal though. One thing is sure, not every element of a Christmas dinner is equal. Parsnips are just weird tasting chips, stuffing is legendary, and brussel sprouts divide the nation.

It is time to find out what we’ve all been waiting for, which element of a Christmas meal truly are you.

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