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The best signs from the picket line at the climate strike in Lancs

Frack off Boris

Lancaster Youth For Environment (LYFE) set up a climate strike in Lancaster centre. As with any strike come a range of signs, from 'frack off Boris' to 'I want a hot date, not a hot planet' The Lancaster Tab found the best signs from the picket line. Enjoy.

Don't be a fossil fool

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These signs are cute more than anything. Nice wordplay on fossil fuel, and the most perfect handcrafted sad earth we've ever seen. Immaculate.

We are trying to save the world

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Despite this sign not having a proud owner, it still caught everyone's eye. One local pointed it out to us saying, "that's clever." It is. Very nice.

Science NOT silence

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LU Precious Plastic proving again to be the ultimate squad at the Climate Strike. Whilst the 'Don't be a fossil fool' made another appearance, the actual art on the 'science not silence' sign is cute. 'Make coral colourful again' – original, and the perfected execution of those waves? Admirable.

The oceans are rising and so are we

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Again, no proud owner but this one had all the spirit of the protest wrapped into one sign. Does the job.

Your house is on fire. ACT NOW.

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What a team. These Lancs students know how to strike. Brilliant content. 'Your house is on fire. ACT NOW.' definitely stood out to us as an OG sign.

Inaction is suicide

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Another lonely sign, but it is super affective. The red splatters, and the haunting inconsistent caps. Should have been at the front of the picket line.

I've seen smarter cabinets in IKEA

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We found this one as the march around Dalton Square began. Absolutely stunning. You can't beat flatpack furniture.

Videos of the march are on our Instagram story.