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Napping, pulling and fire alarms: How to get kicked out of Sugar

Peeing on the floor? Taking a nap on the couch?

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We’ve all been there one time or another: One too many Jager Bombs in your hometown nightclub, a very public vomiting, and maybe a little touch of hassling the bouncers too much on the way out. Together or apart, these form the perfect recipe for a nightclub ban.

But what does it really take to get banned from Sugar? We’ve gathered the best and worst Sugar ban stories, so you don’t have to find out for yourself.

Most of us might think that it would take a serious case of drunk and disorderly to get the boot from Sugar, it could be just as likely you get kicked out for something seemingly harmless. And, although some student’s stories definitely left us feeling sympathetic for the bouncers, others had us feeling like we, too, would have been crying outside Sugar on a Wednesday, regretting our minor misdeeds.

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Filming the bouncers

One student told The Lancaster Tab that they were: "Kicked out for filming six bouncers attempt to reattach a ceiling decoration." Apparently not a fan of flash photography, these camera-shy few seemed slightly upset at the thought of being plastered all over Snapchat, ejecting the student from Sugar.

Sharing toilet cubicles

Many other students were said to have been banned for sharing toilet cubicles. An infamous debate throughout the last few years in Lancs: Whether you’re checking on a friend or having a cheeky snog, this is one sure-fire way to go Sugar-free for a few weeks.

One student told The Tab they were banned for ignoring this rule and for taking it to a whole new level. In one of the best responses heard, they "dragged a boy into the toilets for a quick pull." If that doesn’t show dedication to the pull then what will?

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However, not all Sugar-ban stories come from a case of Tequila Madness. Sometimes, you just need that little disco nap to refuel and refresh: It just so happens that by the main stage, in the toilet, or on one of the couches is not the best place. This will get you kicked out. Our official recommendation? A one-hour nap before pres is 100 percent effective in avoiding a sleepy student ban.

Pulling the fire alarm

Perhaps a not-so-surprising occasion in which a student found themselves going cold turkey on the Sugarhouse – not by choice, but by ban – was the result of pulling the fire alarm. The resulting ban was a full 52 weeks (one whole year!), leaving us asking: Was it worth it? Really?

Dancing on the tables

After one too many shots, one student even decided to: "Dance on the table to impress the bouncers." It turns out that some of the bouncers aren’t huge fans of the table top rave scene and instead of getting down to the latest Sugar favourite song, promptly ejected the dancer from the venue. Huge backfire on that one, but a good effort.

Barrings can often be freak flashes of behaviour mixed with a spot of overindulgence, making you perhaps crazier than normal. But it seems like most of the time if you are a grade A idiot you will get barred. Which makes sense: assholes are generally bad for business. So try not to fuck up, basically.