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We ranked the college bars on Lancaster campus from worst to best

Testing nine bars all for science

There are nine bars on campus, each bar with its individual perks, WiFi, different selection of drinks and the opportunity to play bar sports.

But there's a debate that always circulates the spine about which bar really is the best bar on campus. After experiencing Fresher’s Week and doing MANY bar crawls, most of which we don’t remember, we've found it. Here they are, all nine bars on campus, ranked from worst to best.

Lonsdale – Red Lion

Is this bar ever open? I guess this lives up to its reputation of being dead, so it’s the perfect place to get some revision done as it’s so quiet! Despite it being in the middle of nowhere, one good thing to say about The Red Lion is that it has nice furniture. That’s a good feature, I suppose.

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Graduate – The Herdwick

As we mentioned, these pubs were visited during a bar crawl and when we visited grad, it was dead. Everyone was sat at a table and no one was really speaking. You ok, Grad?

You can imagine what people thought when a group of loud freshers came in and effectively raised the mood. This clearly doesn’t attract many fresher's (not only because its a graduate college) but because the prices are a little steep. No wonder it was so quiet, probably mourning the price of that gin and tonic.

Cartmel – Barker House Farm

First impression of this was that it seemed quite nice. However, I noticed that it is quite small and not very popular. Barker House's lack of popularity is probably due to those closing time's though, what's that about?

However, this bar is relatively new but has a traditional theme thanks to its 17th Century exterior. Despite this, apparently the food here is edible, which is always a good sign. Those Sunday roast deals mean Cartmel have it good.

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County – The Northern Oak

A pleasant thing about all the bars is that they all have a games room, and county is no different. The Northern Oak has quite a good social life as comedy nights are often hosted here.

County definitely has that study space vibe though, we wouldn't go there before Luedms, but a group project? See you at County Bar pals.

Pendle – Pendle Rooms

Although the logo of Pendle is a witch and this sometimes mirrors the ambiance of Pendle, its bar is not that bad. Like most on-campus bars at Lancaster, the decor is very appealing which helps to move Pendle rooms to a higher position in the rankings. Having nice decoration helps to lighten the mood and attract more people, right?

Bowland – The Trough of Bowland

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This is one of the oldest bars (if you can call it that, it's more of a pub) on campus and the one that is the most conveniently located, right in the centre of campus. The Trough is mainly popular with Bowland students, but that doesn't mean that student from other colleges can't visit.

Furness – Trevor

Ah, good ol' Trev. Trevor has two distinct reputations. One, being the best gin bar on campus (if that's something which floats your boat) and two, being quite expensive because of this. I would say that this is a close second based on location, but it still doesn't deserve that number one spot.

Fylde – The Mill

The sporty college. The atmosphere in The Mill when any sporting event is on, be it football, rugby or tennis, is unbelievable: the unity and togetherness of everyone cheering is so good.

As you can imagine, it does get QUITE busy due to this. The recurring theme of being pub-like is evident in most bars, but it works well for Fylde.

Grizedale Bar

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Of course, the most social college takes the number one spot. Those two for one cocktails 24/7 have a special place in all of our hearts. Grizedale Bar has three, yes three, whole floors, meeting its reputation of being the "party" college.

So whether you're meeting up with your friends after a day of lectures, or getting the Pornstar Martinis down you before Sugar Wednesdays, you guessed it – Grizedale Bar is the place to be.