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Lancaster Univeristy student cleared of rape charges

The judge warned students about the ‘dangers of drinking’

Lancaster University student Eric Geisler appeared before Preston Crown Court yesterday where he was acquitted of two counts of rape.

The jury unanimously found Geisler not guilty after the court discovered the alleged victim could not remember the events of the night.

On the 28th January 2018, the pair had met in a local nightclub and gone outside for a cigarette together before walking the short distance to the alleged victim's flat to have sex.

On their walk to the flat, the woman was drunk and fell over into a puddle, Geisler helped her up. According to Geisler: “I was aware she was drunk but not like, completely drunk, without any decision making ability.”

The woman later believed that she had been spiked, however blood tests came back negative.

She also found that several of her belongings were missing (including some clothes and her mobile phone) which Geisler later admitted to taking in revenge, after she had vomited on him. These items were later returned.

Geisler handed himself into Lancaster Police after seeing a police appeal with CCTV images of himself.

After two and a half hours of deliberation, the jury returned with a unanimous "not guilty" verdict as Geisler cried in the dock.

Judge Heather Lloyd, who presided over the trial, said: “If nothing else this is probably a cautionary tale to all the youngsters who go out drinking to excess at night.”

It is currently unknown whether the defendant will be returning to study at Lancaster.

Lancaster University said: "The University takes matters of this nature very seriously. This particular case has been heard by a court of law and, given the defendant was found not guilty, the University will not issue any further comment on this case."