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Lancs student goes viral after sending housemates pass-agg survey on their bins

Every flat has beef over bins

We've all been there in student halls, everything's a state and you don't know how to handle it, but never this.

Taking the passive-aggressive bins text to the next level Ruth Came, a Lancaster student, sent a passive aggressive survey to her housemates' group chat telling them to take out the bins.

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Ruth told her housemates "it'll take like 30 seconds and it's on a subject that's really close and dear to my heart".

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Ruth, the genuis behind it all

The first question asked if her housemates knew where the bins even were, and whether they had eyes.

Next up, the "magical bin pixies" were brought out as an excuse for her lazy housemates.

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Shout out to the magical bin pixies

The survey culminated with flatmates being asked whether they'd actually empty the bins. Both options, naturally, forced her housemates to agree to doing the bins in future.

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Laying down the laws

Obviously you wouldn't let such a triumph of cohabitation pass by without getting some numbers on social media, and Ruth's housemates are no different. Her housemate India tweeted: "if anyone wanted an insight into living with students, my housemate has just sent this survey to the house chat for us to fill in".

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The tweet that got them 52k likes

The tweet blew up, getting 52k likes and counting. The Lancaster Tab spoke to the students involved. According to Ruth, the bins are "not overflowing. The magical bin pixies are taking some time off!"

"We're just so overwhelmed with the amount of attention it's gotten!" says Ruth. "When I made the survey I was aiming for a couple of chuckles, I certainly did not expect India to share it and gain a mass Twitter following!".

Ruth hit the jackpot really – empty bins AND Twitter famous.

Maybe next time someone robs your milk, or leaves the hobs in a state, try a survey, rather than a classic groupchat DM. Clearly this university student power flex works wonders.