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Lancaster’s Maddest Fresher: The results

The results are in!

So the stakes were high, with Anna's finger-losing antics and Ben's milf-pulling adventures. But the official winner is… Ben Dulake.

So why Ben?

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Ben after free tinnies

The nominations came in thick and fast for Ben, being part of Rugby League definitely helps with that! Known as being one of the biggest members of the team, Ben can often be seen absolutely legless after free tinnies (cheap night out, we wouldn't complain!)

His maddest moment?

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Ben and his Kashish pull

Ben is most infamous for getting pissed at a rugby meal in Kashish (a firm favorite Lancaster eatery) and pulling a table of ladies there for a 50th birthday party. Not only did Ben pull, but he managed to rob a slice of cake. Win win situation if you ask me…

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Not the only slice Ben pulled that night

A word from Ben

'I feel honoured as this may be the only thing I get out of University. Thumb's still broken. Still eating curry. Still pulling 50 year olds.'