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Which Grizedale V-Day cocktail are you?

Whether you’re single or taken, Grizedale have concocted a drink perfect for everyone

For a limited time only Grizedale Bar at Lancaster Uni have released five new cocktails from Wednesday the 13th February till Saturday 16th of February.

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If you're planning on taking a visit to the cocktail bar, whether it be single, taken or just to give the new cocktails a try – here's which of the new cocktails will suit you best.

Taken: Rose Kissed

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Rose Kissed

With a bit of pink gin, Ciroc red berry AND absolute raspberry this one is bound to get you drunk. The perfect combination for partners to enjoy together, especially if you like the taste of pink gin. It even comes with rose petals. Classy.

Single: Love Potion

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Love Potion

Guaranteed to get you drunk, whether you're single and want to have a fab night out with your mates, drown your sorrows or enjoy a drink on your own, Love Potion is perfect for you. It's literally a bowl of alcohol. I won't ruin what's inside the potion, but definitely give it a go.

Looking for a flirt: Strawberry Seduction

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Strawberry Seduction

If you're planning on having a flirt at the bar or even pick up a date, sipping on a Strawberry Seduction martini will make you look even more sophisticated (it even has a hint of chocolate in it).

Coffee Lover: Espresso Heart'ini

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Espresso Heart'ini

For any of you coffee lovers out there, this one is perfect for you. It's even decorated with a chocolate heart. Leave the Costa behind and swap it for an Espresso Heart'ini.

Sophisticated (minus the drunkenness): The Exciter

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The Exciter

With not one but two aphrodisiacs, this mocktail is perfect for you non-drinkers. Although, personally, I thought this pomegranate-infused drink was the best of the bunch, with basil, elderflower, lemon, soda and pomegranate juice. Maybe alcohol isn't always needed for a good night.

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So whatever you do or whoever you end up with on Valentine's Day, it can't do any harm having a bev, but make sure to choose the right one.