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Lancaster’s Hottest Single: Heat two

Second round of some of Lancaster’s finest

You've seen our first round of beautiful Lancs studens, and now it's officially time for our second… but who's made it this time?

Heather Church

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Firstly, thank you so much for the nominations, it's a welcome boost in the most stressful time of uni! I'm a third year English Language student from Bristol (I currently live in Fylde bar). My hobbies include napping, drinking beer, and procrastinating. Vote for me and I'll take you to church.

Guy F P Watts

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I'm a second year management student, the biggest Tory on campus and work at the Sugarhouse.

Grishma Bijukumar

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Hey! I'm Grish and I'm a third-year history student! I work behind the front desk at the SU, so come and catch me in there sometime, cuppa in hand.

It's time to cast your vote!