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Which Sex Education character is your college?

Netflix’s hottest show takes Lancaster

If you haven't binge watched the Netflix original, Sex Education, then where have you been? Do you live under a rock (or just in Cartmel College)? Anyway here's the low down of which character is your college.


Bowland, we crown you Otis. Now, we know he IS the main character, but don't get too big for your boots. His cringingly awkward behavior, weird knitted jumpers and major virgin vibes just sums it up really. He may be at the heart of the story line, just like you are the heart of campus, but both of you succeed in being absolutely NO-ONE's favorite. You are the irrelevant kid on campus, but you own it in a way, just like Otis.

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Heavy times Cartmel, you're the weirdest character out there, Lily. You're quiet, nerdy and DESPERATE to lose your virginity (even if it is to a Bowlander). Your parents probably paid for your clarinet lessons like they pay for your superior en-suite lifestyle, but when you're a mere Lily this isn't going to get you anywhere.

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County is full of the high-school, flaky, head girl types just like Aimee. No-one really hates you but you just haven't moved on from year 11 school council. You might be kind of funny, but your personality is focused entirely around your popular friendship group. Your try hard nature ensures that you will never be at the bottom of the pack, but you're often outshone by your friends.

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You're more of a minor character tbh, a bit like your personality on campus. We crown you Ola. In reality, Ola might actually be one of the most likeable characters, but she does think she's a lot edgier than she is. In my opinion, Ola could be aiming a lot higher than Otis,but just like Furness, she will always settle for second best (to Fylde).

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FYLDE WE GET IT YOU LIKE SPORTS!!! (although with that physique, I'm not convinced Jackson has ever tried one of your banging burgers). And look at that gold medal, Furness would never achieve that.

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You guys are Maeve, the edgier main character in the show. She's fit and we all know that to be accepted into Grizedale you have to be fit, it's a given. You're a little more edgy than the likes of County, and don't always fit in with the main crowd, but you go your own way and succeed in doing so, and we respect that.

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You think you're really wayward and rebellious, like Adam, but really you're soft at heart and host Harry Potter extravs (weird flex, but okay). You like to show you're the big guys on campus, flexing with your ketty JCR videos and edgy rumours. In reality, you're all chain-smokers with tapestries hanging in your room, and it is all entirely funded by your middle-class parents.

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You're out there, and love to let everyone know that YOUR NOT LIKE OTHER COLLEGES. Your outgoing nature and self-belief is admirable, and DAMN do you guys like to make sure you look good doing it (if Eric lived in Lancs he would deffo shop in 'Swag'). Pendle is kinda woke and Eric is most definitely woke.

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And that is the TEA

Sorry if you're in Cartmel (like always) it will always be unfortunate. If you haven't binge watched the series here's your chance to do so. I personally am buzzing for Season 2.