Watch yourselves, it’s Lancaster’s clubbers of the week

This week was an absolute freakshow

Easter’s done and exams are on the horizon. Everything is due and all the responsible students are pulling all-nighters in the library. But these people are not responsible students. These people are animals; filthy, foamy, freakish but ultimately entertaining.

Uncle Sam of the week

I want YOU to tell me where I am

I want YOU to tell me where I am

Loner of the week

"I don't need friends to look fly."

“I don’t need friends to look fly.”

‘Urban’ guy of the week

Wagwan ma famalamalam?

Wagwan ma famalamalam?

Existential Crisis of the week

What's terrifying about death isn't it's finality or it's inevitability but the unpredictability of it's occurrence.

What’s terrifying about death isn’t its finality but its unpredictability and inevitability. It could happen tomorrow, maybe the day after, but it will happen to you and everyone you love.

‘Accidental Renaissance’ of the week

The Slipstine Chapel

The Slipstine Chap

Shirt of the week

‘FUKH’: what the girls in the club think when they see him.

Lifeless eyes of the week

Jesus Christ man

Jesus Christ man

Forced smile of the week

Seth Broken

Seth Broken

Mandy trip of the week

"I could shag literally anything right now."

“I could shag literally anything right now.”

Third wheel of th- wait, is that a dildo?

For when your gynaecologist forgets to pay the electric bill

Dildo photobombs of the week



I guess masturbation toys in public is a thing now. I'm bringing a Fleshlight next week.

I guess this explains why the floor at Hustle is so sticky.

Photo credit to The Lancaster Photographer.