Which college has the most international students?

Shocker: it’s not Lonnie

Students from all corners of the globe come to study at Lancaster. Whether it’s our partnerships with universities everywhere from Pakistan to France, our Ghanaian campus or just our generally welcoming northern attitude, people can’t help but come here.

But which colleges are the most diverse? We submitted an FoI request to find out.

Graduate college has the highest proportion of students with overseas fees status at 36.7 per cent.

Fylde came second with 27.8 per cent while right down at the bottom is County, who houses only 16.2 per cent of internationals.

Here’s the full table:

  1. Grad
  2. Fylde
  3. Lonnie
  4. Pendle
  5. Cartmel
  6. Grizedale
  7. Furness
  8. Bowland
  9. County

Unsurprisingly, the most common nationality after British is Chinese.

A less expected third place goes to Cypriot, followed closely by Bulgarian:

  1. British
  2. Chinese
  3. Cypriot
  4. Bulgarian
  5. Indian
  6. Spanish
  7. Italian
  8. German
  9. Nigerian
  10. Greek


Just don’t tell the UKIP Society.