Lancastrians prefer traditional sex

You can keep your 69

Staying true to tradition, habitants of the North West aren’t fussy when it comes to sex – it seems as long as they have it on their backs, they’re happy.

The online pharmacy UK Medix asked 2,157 British people which position most takes their fancy, with an equal split between male and female respondents.

The survey unveiled Britain’s top two favourite positions: Cowgirl/Girl on top was favoured by the North East, the East Midlands and Northern Ireland, whose 43 per cent of their vote opted for the seated technique.

The North West was by far the least exciting in their sexual preferences with “missionary” as their hand-picked favourite. But it seems we are not alone – the East and South West also share a similar soft spot for this sexual style with 42 per cent of us in agreement.

County ducks getting cheeky

County ducks getting cheeky

Both Scotland and the South East thought Spooning was the one, as the Scots submitted 39 per cent for the position, while the most overwhelming percentage came from the Valleys, with 50 per cent of the Welsh putting their faith in Doggy Style (are we really surprised?). They were joined by Yorkshire, who put forward 36 per cent.

One of the two rogue votes came from the West Midlands, with 24 per cent of them suggesting that 69 is the outright winner.

The survey also asked  “Do you always have safe sex?” – Northern Ireland appeared to be the safest, topping the chart with 79 per cent of those asked saying they do. Those of us from the North West lean on the side of risky with only 47 per cent of us using protective contraceptive measures.

At the other end of the spectrum, Yorkshire and the South East are filling up the bottom two places, with only a third of them saying they are always safe in practice.

Participants were also asked “How kinky do you consider yourself to be?” using a scale of 1-10 (one being very traditional, and 10 being extremely experimental) In a switch in fortunes, the South East make up their lack of safety with the most kinkiest habitants, with the majority of people giving a score of nine. Londoners proved not to be so adventurous in the bedroom, with only an average score of six.

Even less confident came the North West with a measly score of 4.

We aren’t that bad, are we?