Freshers’ week etiquette for Lancaster newbies

This isn’t a survival guide but there’s no harm in a bit of advice

It is going to be a crazy week, and whether you’re introverted, extroverted or anywhere between you’re going to be thrown out of your comfort zone: but you’re all in it together.

Your Room, any information about dimensions and what you do or don’t need to bring should be on your university website or on your fresher Facebook pages.

But there are some things they don’t mention.

Arranging your room

A non-mesh bin will be your new best friend: if in the likely event you consume enough tequila to kill a small horse then you’re probably going to need this.

No one wants to be sick in the mesh bin provided, it simply isn’t pretty and being sick in your communal kitchen bin probably isn’t the best way to make new mates.

Bin goals

Bin goals

Posters, Pictures, motivational quotes bring them all. Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks if it makes your room feel like your own, then plaster the walls with them. You are going to be spending a lot of time in there.

However, just be careful not to damage the walls because the college will fine you for tearing even a smidgen of wallpaper off.


alcohol is beautiful in all shapes and sizes

Alcohol is beautiful in all shapes and sizes

Pre’s, Prinks, Pre Drinks – whatever you call it – is going to be better than the night out and the best time to get to know everyone. So if you’ve got small portable speakers it’s going to up your pre drinks game. Don’t bring some massively complicated sound system, there’s legit no point.

Cards are a great to bring, good for drinking games and if your bored. While cards against humanity is awesome and a brilliantly quick way to locate the person with the sickest mind – you should keep in mind some people may get offended so maybe stick to your standard 52 deck for freshers.

As you know, bringing plenty of your own alcohol to pre drinks is pretty standard: you don’t want to be leeching other people’s booze from day one!

I mean you can leech of you're family's alcohol at christmas thats cool

I mean you can leech off your own family’s alcohol at christmas that’s cool

If you and your flatmates are brave enough to host pre drinks, don’t worry if the kitchen is a mess there’s no mad panic to clean up. Do make sure no ones done something stupid enough to land you a big fine. See picture below.

"Do you mind just propping that door open?" Nailed it.

“Do you mind just propping that door open?” Nailed it.

And just as a heads up – using the fire extinguishers as a door stop is a big no no. We know you’re going to do it anyway, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Fancy dress is going to be a big part of most freshers’ weeks, so if you love getting dressed up then this is your time to shine.

However if you aren’t into fancy dress, don’t worry some people will have loads of stuff left over and will be happy to help you improvise. It’s amazing what you can do with a zip and some face paint.

That classic costume of zip face and panda, worlds worst superheroes

Classic costume of zip face and panda, world’s worst superheroes.


Homesickness is pretty common among freshers’, especially when you’re feeling rough from downing Jagerbombs all night.

So don’t feel bad if you need to take a break from the festivities to catch up with family, friends and significant others.

There’s also always people to talk to within your college, aside from your obvious flatmates: so don’t ever feel like you are alone.

Your health is a biggie. freshers’ week is a huge shock to the system – there are going to be times you feel run down, annoyed, shattered and just pretty dreadful.

So it’s a good idea to have some basic medicine and a first aid kit to hand, and also registering with the GP on campus.

On the left we see the failed brand and on the right the bandaged up thumb. Diagnosis: idiot

Your injuries might not be as excessive but better safe than sorry.

Advice from former freshers

We asked ex-freshers what they wish they’d known during their freshers week:

Rahoul Naik, 19, Management and Spanish, second year said: “How fucking cheap supermarket branded alcohol is. Like Sainsbury’s Amaretto is £8 and Disaronno is £15. They taste the bloody same.”

Josh Black, 20, Philosophy, second year said: “Mixing half and half is your friend, the events are always shit, find the cheapest bar you can and don’t ask for biffs and then ask me to roll them.”

James Hirst, 19, Economics, second year said:
“First year doesn’t matter at all. Go get fucked up”

James Gupta, 24, Medicine, fourth year said: “I will get back to you I’m in the middle of a first aid session lol! ” He didn’t get back to us , so he probably wishes he’d known how busy the medics are.

Georgie Haslam, 20, Tourism and Management third year said: “Don’t live with a boyfriend.”

Good luck! You’re going to have an amazing week: drink as much or as little as you want, and remember the fun doesn’t stop after freshers’.

The week after your lectures start, all of which you’ll definitely go to and not find boring.