BNOC of the Year – Round 1

They’re reasonably important

Over the Easter break we received your nominations for the Lancaster University’s Big Name on Campus 2015. Now it’s time to vote.

There will be several rounds of four people with the winner of each round going into the BNOC 2015 final.

Now is your chance to change the life of one Lancaster legend.

Vote wisely.

Barrett Harris

Two fingers for you blud

Barrett Harris is “THE lad”. There’s hardly a man or woman on campus doesn’t know his name. Since the start of this term he’s been on 14 nights out. He’s a proper party animal. Whoever nominated him says “God knows he deserves it.”

Ebony Edwards

All smiles. Always.

Ebony is our humble soul, even though she is known by every single student on campus. She can’t even walk from one end of the spine to the other in less than three hours because she is often stopped by adoring fans that like to think they are her friends. The nominator doesn’t even know her, that’s how big she is. She is one of Lancaster’s great mysteries and for this she could be your next BNOC 2015.

Josh Berry

Josh with one of his adoring fans

Every time he goes out he is inundated with people asking, “do I know you from somewhere?” or “I’m sure I recognise you?”. A recent Facebook post proves his popularity amongst fellow students, reaching a whopping 79 likes. Josh gained his notoriety after working many years in Lonsdale Bar and his recent stint in Grizedale Bar has proven his nationwide popularity too. In March, he won the TUCO Bronze award for bartending, a skill that comes naturally to someone who’s always asked “Are you STILL working in Lonsdale Bar?” Nobody knows when he started Lancaster University and nobody knows when or if he has graduated.

Henry Sloan

A former JCR member as Welfare Secretary, Henry is legendary among the Lonsdale population for his rumoured penchant for wearing scarves indoors. The social hub of the college, he never calls someone by just their first name, and acts incredulous if you don’t know a person he does. Out every night, he has never made it down the spine without stopping and having a conversation with several different people. Everyone knows his name.