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Watch: video exposes the scale of the mouse problem at Guy’s campus

It’s pretty grim too

A second year psychology student at King's has made a TikTok revealing all the dead mice she saw at Guy's campus last week.

The TikTok captioned "Go to King's, it'll be nice they said" Natalia Kika was put up two days ago and has already got 7K views.

The Tab King's have spoken to Natalia about the TikTok she made and the overall mouse problem at Guy's campus.

"When I saw the mice I was so shocked but also thought TikTok would be a good platform to document something so spontaneous – I decided on it in the moment," Natalia told The King's Tab.

The offending mice were found in the Henriette Raphael Building on Guy’s campus right "next to a vending machine."

The mice problem at King's has now become a renowned fact, Natalia told The Tab King's: "The situation is not ideal – as I said I know mice are a problem in many areas of London.

"I’d seen them in lectures and the library before but I wasn’t as shocked until I’d seen three of them lying on the ground in the middle of the day.

"I reported it to King’s straight away. It’s potentially a health and safety issue but I know King’s are working on it."

When Natalia created the TikTok she was so surprised by the number of views, particularly as it was her first ever TikTok.

She told The Tab King's: "The video currently has over 99k views which is completely unexpected! When I posted it I thought only a few people would see it.

"I think others were also quite shocked to see dead mice at a highly regarded university, although mice are common in London."

Many of the comments on the video, however, "were related to people saying they don't want to study at KCL anymore because of the mice."

But Natalia wanted to ensure viewers that she still enjoy's studying at King's "and would recommend it to anyone thinking of coming here."

This is not the first time in the last year Guy's campus' rodent problem has made its way to social media.

A few months ago a Instagram account called Mouse College London was created posting pics and videos of mice spotted around the campus.

The page has over 1.6k followers now and continues to post pictures of our furry friends.

The Tab King's have contacted King's about this issue.

A King's College London spokesperson said: "King's takes every precaution to prevent pest problems.

We have a specialist pest control company delivering a continuous programme of prevention and management throughout the year in all our buildings.

We would like to thank students who report issues to our help desk as it helps us manage potential issues at the earliest opportunity."

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