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Breaking: King’s UCU branch have rejected the newest agreement to end strike action

Strikes are looking to continue

Yesterday night, the UCU and the UUK announced publicly that a proposed deal had been negotiated regarding staff pension cuts, the cause of strikes across 60 universities for the past month.

The new deal would put the changes to pensions on hold for three years, a temporary deal would be created for the mean time, meaning in 2020 new talks on how to tackle the changes in the long-term would be held.

King's UCU has rejected this new agreement by signing its tweets with #NoCapitulation and attending a protest at the UCU HQ in Carlow Street. No ballot results as of yet have been released.

General Secretary Sally Hunt was seen this morning advocating for the deal, where she stated they "tried as hard as they could" in negotiations, and had to appease both parties.

Jim Wolfreys, an active member of the KCL UCU branch has been quoted to say "it's not a union if it goes on strike and then says we'll reschedule the teaching for which we weren't paid."

The branch is having an emergency meeting on Thursday 15th March, at 1pm at LSE to discuss further action.

At the time of writing, UCU branches at universities such as Sheffield, Newcastle, Cardiff, Manchester, Hull, York, Queen Mary's, Warwick, Bristol and UEA have come out in force to reject new agreements, meaning strikes will continue for the proposed period and further if necessary.