Here’s what the majority of universities in the UK think of King’s students

They think we still wear Uggs

King's Collage London is the best, all our campuses have well connected transport links (don't try it LSE, you have at least a 10-minute walk from Temple or Holborn).

London Fashion Week happens on Strand, six Prets within walking distance and we jam at the Royal Courts.

So we asked people from other universities what they thought of King's and then compiled their salty responses for the fun of it.

“They spend way too long in Shoreditch with their edgy tote bag and Kilo sale trench coat. King’s students have a cosmopolitan, superiority complex because they study in the city.” – Emily, Brookes

True, King's students have the best coats but as for the totes most of us stick to the KCLSU freebies.

“A congregation of every online social warrior.” – Jade, Liverpool

“Smart enough to get into Oxbridge but went to London for the gram.” –Sophie, Southampton

The only gram we do is Instagram.

“King’s students are edgy and smart as hell.” – Anna, Birmingham

We like Anna!

“King’s students like to think they are edgy and smart as hell ….” – Jazmine, UWE

“War Studies at King’s: The only place you'll find the Wehraboos from 4chan’s history board in the same room as Tumblr’s SJW army.” – Tony, Southampton

"Only really uninventive people go to London, and King's is the least inventive London uni." – Andrew

Andrew, we invented personalities.

"The whitest girl uni in all the country… if Kings was a drink you'd be a PSL. I suppose the colour of it complements the many Ugg boots you probably own" – Nathan, Aberystwyth

Who the hell still wears Uggs? So year 10.

"Or half a prosecco before crying." – Andrew

"I was about to correct you and say lambrini, but actually they're way too middle class to know what that is." – Nathan, Aberystwyth

"Pret is to them what Greggs is to us. You're either loaded, insecure about your brokeness or want everyone else to think your strong and stable when you eat your Pret tomato soup in lecture – in which case you're pretentious." – Anon

In case you didn't know, we did a King's Pret tour.

"Posh and posh! One of my teachers went to King's and she's so posh, she shops at Giuseppe Zanotti like it's nothing." – Anon

Your teacher probably became posh after leaving King's and pretended to be a gram loving hipster at uni organising protests.

Chris Ronan "All fun and games until they finish their gap years, when they become insufferable in conversation and quick to sleep at dinner parties." – Chris, Oxford Brookes

At least our Instagrams are banging.

"King's students are Times New Roman, but they wish they were Zapfino." – Hajira, Westminster

"Five words: UCL rejects, Queen Mary insurance." – Anon

According to students from other universities, we are trendy keyboard warriors addicted to Pret.