BREAKING NEWS: Daffodils with “Divest” outside Strand

Spray painting the great hall, arrests and more protests… what next?

Over the last couple of weeks so many protests have been put on about the fact that Kings invests in fossil fuels, with Roger Hallam leading the action trying to raise awareness for the subject.

Yet they have taken a new tack; a peaceful protest seen to the entrance of Strand with daffodils, posters and leaflets being taped under the ‘famous alumni’.

It’s all part of a series of events that are trying to escalate urgency of fossil fuel usage, with Kings’s support being frowned upon by Kings Climate Change Emergency.

Is this a new direction taken to try and persist at Kings to refrain from investing? We can only know with the next planned protests to come, hopefully as creative as this one.

“Our demand is concrete, specific and achievable: a decision by Kings College to divest from all fossil fuels. We can wait no longer. And we are breaking whatever rules need to be broken to put pressure on College Bosses to take notice. After signing petitions and sitting in committees for years it is now become necessary to spray paint the entrance of an institution which has been ignoring the basic science on climate change for three decades. They’re so reluctant it’s unbelievable.” – Roger Hallam

At 1pm today dozens of London students and supporters from Divest London and the Green Party decorated the front of the college with hundreds of daffodils and released a personal statement calling for divestment from all fossil fuels. This is part of an escalating weekly campaign of daring and creative civil disobedience which has already led to disciplinary actions, arrests, a suspension and multi threats of criminal damage charges to student activists in developments which have not been seen at King’s for decades. 

“The fact that institutions such as KCL are content to happily risk the fate of humanity for a profitable investment is beyond contemptible. When they seem so obviously unwilling to divest the only option is to escalate our message.” – Luke Harwood

After weeks of ignoring our letters asking for a meeting, they have starting some dialogue. Each week we are escalating the campaign till they meet our demand. We will continue to escalate our demands with more daring actions and ongoing student fasts..