King’s of rah

It’s official: nearly a third of students at KCL are privately educated.

Ever noticed that KCL is full of posh people? You weren’t far wrong. A new study shows that 28.2% of students at King’s are privately educated. 


A huge 1820 students at King’s come from privately educated backgrounds – clearly marking us out as a ‘rah’ uni.

But it turns out we’re not the only toff filled uni in London. UCL is brimming with 2,060 students from independent schools.


Other London universities are more Jack the lad than Jack Wills – London South Bank University only gave places to 45 privately educated students for their 2005-2007 intake.

Unsurprisingly, typically upper-class Oxbridge topped the table, with Oxford taking in a whopping 3820 students from private schools.