Christmas Bingo Lingo is back and you won’t want to miss it

Free balloon hats? Elves on stilts? Sexy Santas 69-ing to a live band? Sign us up

Are you even a Cardiff student if you haven’t been to Bingo Lingo at least once? You may have thought that their Freshers’ Week events at the SU were off the rails, but the Christmas version at Depot is really on another level and is something you just have to experience for yourself.

Of course, it includes all the usual Bingo Lingo mayhem of raves between games, twerk-offs, and shouting politically incorrect insults at the DJ, but imagine all of that with additional sprinkle of Christmas magic.

The whole venue is decorated so that you feel as if you’ve stepped into a giant Santa’s grotto and there are various elves and Father Christmases on stilts wandering around ready to greet you and pose for a picture. Plus, the famous Bingo Lingo grannies have been swapped for sexy Santas so you’re really in for a treat there.

Our personal favourite experience of the night had to be the balloon hats which were made especially for us. The queue was a little long but it was entirely worth it: you can choose whatever you like (Christmassy or non-Christmassy) and there is always the option for your hat of choice to come with a penis attached. In our group, we had one well-endowed penguin, an alien with a more modest appendage, and a wholesome Christmas reindeer with a light up nose (because at least one of us has to be mature around here).

Although we didn’t win anything, if you’re looking for something to do with your friends to get in the festive spirit then we would really recommend a visit before you go home for Christmas (and definitely don’t bring your parents).

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