Two people hospitalised after being thrown from ride at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland

Witnesses said they heard a ‘massive bang’

Three people were thrown from the Ice Skater ride at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland with two being hospitalised for their injuries.

Witnesses recall hearing a “massive bang” after one of the people was trapped against the barriers and the other fell out of the ride. Reportedly blood was shed, and one person was knocked unconscious. The BBC also reports that a third person was also involved too.

The incident took place at 5:15pm on Saturday 26th November in Cardiff city centre. It was confirmed by the Welsh Ambulance Service that two ride passengers were taken to the University Hospital of Wales after they had reportedly come off a ride at Winter Wonderland.

Winter Wonderland remains open but with the Ice Skater ride not running until a full investigation has taken place.

Seren McCallum-Weller, 13, was at the festive funfair when the distressing event occurred, saying how she saw people on the floor, and that she was left feeling “panicked”.

She told Wales Online that: “I was on the Ice Skater ride with my cousin. We were just having a fun time then we suddenly heard a massive bang. I didn’t know what it was. We looked behind us and the ride was still going and then we saw a lady on the floor. We then saw a second lady who was pushed into the railings and the railings had moved.

“She was lodged in between the ride and the railings. I think a third lady was also thrown into the railings. There were a few children on the ride who were no older than 11 or 12.”

She continued, saying how the ride, which moved “very fast”, could not be stopped instantly after the injuries occurred. Reportedly the staff tried to stop it, but it took a few minutes to slow it down enough to remove the riders.

The 13-year-old recalls: “The ride was slowing down and it came to a stop about one or two minutes after it happened. The attendants were trying to stop it straight away. One of the ladies had damaged her head and there was blood. I think she possibly broke her ankle as well. I think [one of them] was unconscious. I was panicking. I saw one woman get up and as I was leaving, I heard one of them crying. I hope the ladies are okay.

“You see things like this happen on YouTube and hear them happening to other people but it’s scary when it happens to you. It has scared me and I’m giving theme parks and rides a miss in the future.”

A spokesperson for Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland said: “We are aware of an incident that occurred on the Ice Skater ride at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland on the evening of Saturday, November 26. Safety is always a priority for us and a full investigation into the incident is now taking place.

“We, as the event organisers, are working closely with the ride owner/operator and all relevant organisations to investigate. The ride will remain closed during this time.”

A Cardiff council spokesperson also explained that they were aware of the incident and will be following the investigation closely.

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