It’s Black History Month: Here’s what the Cardiff Uni African Caribbean society are up to

October is a month for appreciation and keeping your calendar full at ACS

Every October, Black History Month is celebrated across the UK. Exploring the history and culture of their heritage is the main idea behind the African Caribbean society at Cardiff University. We interviewed the committee about their activities and upcoming events in late October and November.

This month the society has worked in collaboration with the SU, and has launched the Black History Month Book Club which has been very successful. The committee has also been taking part in Black History Month stalls across campus, speaking to students and raising awareness about their events.

The African Caribbean society has also launched sports teams including: netball, football, and basketball. The latter will also be playing in the IMG leagues for the first time.

The committee say they are excited about their upcoming events which will include: Black History Month movie night on the 29th October, Black Academia Wine and Cheese Networking event 3rd November, and Afrogene (their annual talent show which will take place some time in November.)

Rhian, the publicity officer of ACS commented that: “[Afrogene] is a perfect display of everything the ACS is about. It’s a celebration of culture, talent, and our community.”

The society offers both drinking and non-drinking socials to ensure there is something for everyone. Their most recent night out was the Y2K party but are planning on holding many more socials throughout the year so everyone can join them.

Maddy, the secretary of ACS said: ”I want to try and help create a more inclusive environment for the students in my community in Cardiff.”

Priscilla, the president of the society said: ”I want the ACS to succeed and be a place where we can have fun, but also build connections that can help us in the future when we graduate.”

New members can join them via their Instagram page @cardiffuniacs, or by checking the SU site.

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