Sofia Popova

Sofia Popova
Cardiff University


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Come Dine With Me is looking for Cardiff students to be their next dinner party hosts

Let the battle of the pesto pastas commence

Five Cardiff Uni societies to hold a fundraising bake sale to help victims in Turkey and Syria

The funds will go towards two charities – Ahbap and The Zahra Trust

Cardiff University’s Turkish Society to hold a bake sale in aid of earthquake victims

All funds will go towards life-saving supplies for those in need

‘I just wish our learning wasn’t being disrupted’: Cardiff students on the university strikes

‘Why are students always the forgotten party in government and striking decisions?’

85 per cent of Cardiff students say it’s cold in their uni accommodation, according to poll

‘You could literally see your breath in my house in the evenings’

Here are all the Cardiff things that will put a Victorian child into a coma

Some of these would be too much even for a fresher

It is sober social week: Here is a list of all alcohol free fun activities to do in Cardiff

From playing games to going to pubs, you can always have fun even without booze

What my first month at Cardiff Uni taught me: Tips from a final year student

A guide on how to make the most of uni life

It’s Black History Month: Here’s what the Cardiff Uni African Caribbean society are up to

October is a month for appreciation and keeping your calendar full at ACS

We tried the £2 lunch from Cardiff Uni’s SU and compared prices with supermarkets

Whether you’re a cheese and beans jacket potato gal or looking for a vegan option there’s something for everyone

Here is a list of all Cardiff activities that last longer than Truss’ time in office

All of these can definitely last longer than 44 days

Here’s what your halloween costume will be this year based on your degree at Cardiff

This list is spookily accurate

The Cardiff Uni boob team raised over £500 for CoppaFeel at the Cardiff Clash rugby game

The Cardiff Uni men’s rugby club raised the money for breast cancer awareness month

Gavin and Stacey to Doctor Who: All your favourite shows that were filmed in Cardiff

Next time you’re on campus keep an eye out

Cardiff University staff to receive a one-off £500 cost of living payment next month

The money will be given to those employed by the university on Tuesday 1st November

‘Chaos, absolute chaos’: Cardiff students on last week’s graduation events

‘It was extremely dissapointing’

Everything you’re wondering about Overheard’s very own ‘love at first sight couple’

Who needs Tinder when you can use Overheard at Cardiff Uni to find your soulmate?

We asked our editors and contributors: Who is the woman that inspires you?

So much inspiration all around us, Who is your woman role-model?

We asked Cardiff Uni students how they feel about face masks being scrapped

It is a pretty even divide between those wanting to keep masks and those wanting them gone