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I went on a Cardiff Uni Cheerleading social and this is what I learned

Alexa, add pom poms to my basket

When I was approached by a friend asking if I wanted to join him in attending a Cardiff University Cheerleading social, I was skeptical at first. I am not a cheerleader and never particularly wanted to be one, but I was intrigued to what really goes down at a sport social having never been a part of one myself. I mean, aren’t we all? So, I took one for the team and a couple of hours later I’m off to the SU dressed as Ginger Spice. Every man’s dream. Here is what I learnt.

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Spice up your life!

Stage one: Pre-drinks

Okay, so pre-drinks at any social are notoriously known for having many different drinking games but this was no normal “never have I ever” pres. Before you could say “Sink it fresher!” I was doing VK boat races while being Gaffer-taped to a random bloke, who when he heard he was being handcuffed to a cheerleader for the whole night was probably not expecting this.

Stage two: Using our social privilege to queue jump

In having pres provided by the SU, it meant we walked in straight away with no queue and walking straight into YOLO with the Cardiff University Cheerleading Squad and my fellow Spice Girls in tow, it was hardly the worst entrance I’ve made to a night out.

Stage three: The sports society dance-floor plan

Entering the main room as a YOLO virgin I was quickly shown the hierarchy of the sports societies, there’s hockey at the left of the stage, football slap bang in the middle of the dancefloor, and the infamous “rugby corner” in the back right under the stairs next to the cheerleader’s position is towards the back right corner by the stairs was ideal for the bar meaning there was never an excuse not to get another drink and worked as a perfect meeting point for when you inevitably got lost on the way back from the loo.

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Stage four: Batting away attention from the rugby boys

When you turn up looking as fabulous as I did, attention was always going to come. Stopping for photos throughout the night was certainly a highlight. While my intention was to turn up as Ginger Spice my mate had not informed me that the costume would not come with a wig and so I turned up looking like a wanna-be drag queen.

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Stage five: Realise cheerleaders definitely know how to party

Not only were the cheerleaders a lot of fun, and great company for the night with the constant strawpeedoing of VKs, but dance also-offs and the classic Angels singalong served as easily one of my favourite nights out of the whole year. Most importantly however, they did not allow me to get lost, mainly because I looked like a member of the Spice Girls.

In all seriousness, the cheerleaders were ever so lovely, and I could not have felt more welcomed and having attended one of their practices earlier in the week was impressed as to how much hard work and dedication it takes to perform at such a high level.

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