Everything you’re wondering about Overheard’s very own ‘love at first sight couple’

Who needs Tinder when you can use Overheard at Cardiff Uni to find your soulmate?

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You may have seen the recent, viral post on Overheard at Cardiff University where a girl shared the unusual way she met her boyfriend.

This time last year, ex-Cardiff Uni student Catherine Joseph decided to shoot her shot with her gym crush, Will Cross, but this love story has a slight twist. Like many of us, she felt uneasy about approaching him in person so she thought she would try a different approach.

Eager to find her mystery man, Catherine posted a description of Will to the Overheard at Cardiff University Facebook group, and much to her surprise, he was found in no time. The pair have now been together for a year and seem to be living proof that you really can find love on the internet.

We managed to secure an interview with the recently graduated couple, asking them how one simple Facebook post led them to each other.

Catherine told the Cardiff Tab: I thought it would be pretty intrusive to go up to him and almost back him into a corner”

After feeling immediately drawn to Will she “needed to find out who he was”.

Catherine thought it would be best to write a post rather than speak to him in person so he could just “take it or leave it” and she would not be intruding on his privacy mid-workout.

The post was written with the help of her housemate as a laugh, so it was a shock to both of them when a friend of the mystery boy saw the posts and tagged him in the comment section. Once Will saw the post and the “fun” girl who wrote it, it took him no time at all to ask her out.

When telling us about that much anticipated first date, she recalls how: “A group of students recognised us from the post and offered for us to sit down on the table with them

“I felt at ease straight away with [Will]” and that the date was “not as awkward” as they feared it might be.

The couple immediately bounced off one another and a year later they are still together, happier than ever.

Will describes Catherine as “very thoughtful, clever, and always wanting the best for me.”

To Catherine, Will is ‘incredibly patient and always makes her laugh, especially through the hard times.”

Moral of the story: Shoot your shot!

When asked what she would say to anxious people who are afraid of taking the first step, Catherine says: “Go for it because what’s the worst that can happen? There’s nothing to lose in my opinion and if you don’t ask, you will never know!”

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