For unlimited hot drinks and immaculate vibes, here’s the spot to go to this exam season

Our experience visiting The Little Man Coffee Co

The Little Man Coffee Co on Bridge Street is making our student studying dreams come true: UNLIMITED hot drinks for just £8.

We students love a good coffee shop study break (admittedly sometimes without the studying), so where better to go than somewhere that is offering a 10/10 deal? For £8 students with a valid ID can claim unlimited hot drinks, or for £16 you can get unlimited hot drinks, lunch, AND cake.

So obviously, we had to go and visit.

The Little Man Coffee Co were nice enough to gift us a full day pass to get the full experience, and it did not disappoint.

It was our first time visiting the coffee shop, and we guarantee that it will not be our last. As a student with tonnes of work, there were some essential criteria they needed to meet to please us: Wifi, plug sockets, and good coffee.

This was all perfect. There was unlimited wifi and plenty of plug sockets available. And the coffee? The coffee was great.


The atmosphere is inviting, cosy, and calming. The vibes are immaculate if we say so ourselves, the staff were all very friendly, making the experience even better.

We thought the music selection was great, providing the perfect background sound to those long essay writing days. The shop has regular chairs, big comfy chairs, and pews, it really offers variety. Additionally, there is also other rooms downstairs that make a good spot for group study sessions or catchups.

Like many students getting a good deal, we obviously had to attempt the inevitable, we had to see how many drinks we could handle. After 4 coffees, lunch, and cake, we were satisfied that we had definitely made the most of the offer. Staying in the cafe from 10-4, it was the perfect replacement for the library.

You’re not limited in your selections that are part of the offer, you can get any hot drink on the menu, with them offering milk alternatives to cater to your needs. WIN-WIN.

Their instagram is a great place to have a sneak peak at everything they have to offer. They also host different events which are all posted on their social media, so make sure to keep an eye out.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience visiting The Little Man Coffee Co.

It’s super close to Cathays, and super close to the Motorpoint. So, if you don’t trust our experience piece, maybe you’ll trust Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix, who was enjoying her coffee and cake next to us.

Not a student? Fear not, this deal is available to non-students at the cost of £10 for unlimited drinks, and £18 for drinks and food.

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