Cardiff University held a vigil in honour of those affected by the crisis in Ukraine

The vigil was held outside the university’s main building and featured a number of speakers

At 11 am, on Wednesday 9th March, Cardiff University held a vigil in honour of those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. The vigil consisted of a number of speakers including Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Riordan and the University Chaplains which included reverends from many denominations of Christianity, and Islamic and Buddhist representatives.

During the vigil, the conflict in Ukraine was deemed as “cruel and unnecessary” by those who spoke.

The people of Ukraine were also applauded by the Chaplains who called them “resilient” as they have a “deep longing for the freedom of expression, yet are once again suffering.” They continued: “but this time the world is watching, we are watching.”

Abdul-Azim Ahmed, the Islamic representative, stated: “[the situation in Ukraine is] not just political chess, it’s the death and destruction of innocent people.”

A reading from Pslam: 35 was then read out by Nicholas Williams, the Catholic representative: “May those who seek my life be disgraced and put to shame; may those who plot my ruin be turned back in dismay.”

A moment of silence was held to reflect on those affected by the crisis and then to conclude, the chaplaincy choir sung ‘A Prayer for Ukraine’ in Ukrainian which was composed by Mykola Lysenko, and written by Oleksander Konysky, both Ukrainian citizens.

The Vice-Chancellor Riordan told The Tab Cardiff: “It’s important for Cardiff University to be able to show our support and solidarity for the people of Ukraine and also for us to come together and reflect.

“I’m very grateful to our university chaplains for proposing and organising our vigil this morning. These are sad and troubling times and many of us feel uncertain and anxious about what the future may hold. But it is a time for us to come together and find comfort in the strength of our community.”

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